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Center Stage Theater

Corrie’s performance choreographed and directed by Timo Nunez.

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’tis the Season…

…to be Ballet!

This weekend Natalia appeared in the Snow Scene and Waltz of the Fowers in The Nutcracker performance by the State Street Ballet at the Granada.  Last weekend it was Cari performing in The Nutcracker with the GVCC School of Ballet.


Annual Dance & Music Festival

The Linda Vega Dance Studio was invited by Santa Barbara Dance Alliance to perform at this years annual Dance & Music Festival (DaM Festival).

This years Festival, representing 17 cultural traditions, was staged Saturday afternoon at The Marjorie Luke Theatre. Linda chose to perform original choreography featuring her Café de Chinitas group along with a duet and desplantes by Talia and Marlon, co-choreographed by Linda and Paloma Ríos.

Thank you Julie McLeod and the Santa Barbara Dance Alliance for letting us film their rehearsal.

For more details visit the Santa Barbara Dance Alliance website at:


Celebrating Summer Solstice

The Linda Vega Dance Studio performed Friday night at the opening of the Santa Barbara Solstice Celebration with percussive foot work on the raised wooden floor of the historic Gazebo at Alameda Park.

Just before their performance, Linda and all the girls gathered for a final dress rehearsal at the Studio.

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On the Verge Teen Choreographer’s Showcase

Saturday evening we took our cameras to the Marjorie Luke Theatre for the annual On The Verge Teen Choreographer’s Showcase.

Cari and Corrie performed Tangos Flamencos, a beautiful dance they choreographed themselves, while Sabrina Ibarra, Avery Jones and Olivia Villalovos (Jr. Spirit 2006) were awarded Santa Barbara Dance Alliance Scholarships by Mayor Marty Blum, Margo Cohen-Feinberg and Executive Director Julie McLeod!

Congratulations ALL!