Monthly Archives: April 2009

Dancing in the Street

Santa Barbara celebrating Dance Day, a series of enticing and unique public dance performances directed by accomplished local choreographers. While strolling down State Street, at the corner of State and Carrillo, you may have enjoyed seeing Linda and her dancers perform in front of Saks Fifth Avenue. 

Just before their performance all the girls attended the Spirit Luncheon held by Old Spanish Days at the Carriage Museum.

Studio Prep Shoot – Marjorie Luke Spirit Auditions

Amanda was the first to arrive at our Studio (across from the Marjorie Luke Theatre) at 9:15, Linda and Ellie were next, Michelle and Olivia, Diana and Talia, Luisa and Michaela, and Elizabeth and Anais followed shortly thereafter.

While all the fathers stood in line (at the Theatre), we spent the next 2 1/2 hours laughing, joking and filming – Ellie worked hard applying make up while Michelle helped with hair styling and Linda and all the mothers got the girls into their dresses making sure every last detail, including their flowers and accessories, were just right. Tyler Vestal and Michaela’s friend Jasmine also stopped by.

With 2 roving cameras we could make a movie out of the footage we shot today…

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All Dressed Up!

Thank you Olivia, Talia and Anais. Wether you’re dancing in the Studio, performing on stage or just talking on camera, we’ve enjoyed every minute filming you. It’s like Linda says, you’re all winners!

Watch an extract from our Jr. Spirits’ interview in the Comandancia Museum Room at the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation, all dressed up and on their way to their Fiesta Audition Interviews with El Presidente Anthony Borgatello.

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