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Studio Interviews and Location Interviews

Life Outside the Studio

After following the making and fitting of the dresses, the shoes and accessories from Spain, and Linda’s final touches to their choreography, with only a few days left before the 2010 Spirit Auditions, we filmed interviews with all the girls at their homes.

We especially had a fun afternoon filming Jesalyn and all her animals at their farm house in Santa Ynez.



The Set for the Manolo Reyes Group Reunion

Once again the historic ‘Casa de la Guerra’ set the stage for the Manolo Reyes group reunion. Talia and her friends Avery, Jocelyne, Olivia and Terra danced in to a clip from one of their last rehearsals followed by a clip of Talia’s first day of Fiesta and ending with her Fiesta Pequeña performance at the Mission. We had the best audience!

Posing for the Auditions

Despite the rain, the spirit was up for Linda’s participants. This morning, all wrapped up in their shawls and flamenco dresses – on their way to the annual Old Spanish Days photoshoot at the Santa Barbara Mission. Afterwards, they all stopped by the historic ‘Casa de la Guerra’ for an interview.

After Fiesta Interview with Michaela

We spent this morning with Michaela, at home, as she was getting ready to move back to LA for her second term at USC. She’s been studying architecture, business and environmental solutions.

She’s been dancing with the Linda Vega Dance Studio ever since she was 4 years old – now she’s 18.

We talked about her passion for dance and finding a way to incorporate that same kind of happiness and fulfillment in a new career, family and life style.

Our 100th Shoot!

Celebrating our 100th shoot of the 2009 season, one of Linda’s closest friends and fellow choreographer, Maria Bermudez arrived from Jerez, Spain, and we finally got a chance to interview her.