POLKA DOT ALLEY a flamenco dance trilogy

driven by zealous parents, famed instructors and an Old Spanish Days
Fiesta schedule of auditions, rehearsals and performances


PART ONE: DREAMS AND DEDICATION (runtime: 94 minutes)
THE RED AND BLUE SHOES: Part one of the trilogy focuses on eleven year old Talia, 2009 Jr. Spirit of Fiesta; a young yet experienced performer who becomes a role model to Santa Barbara’s up-and-coming younger dancers: Anais, Jesalyn, Olivia and Talia’s younger sister, Tatum, all striving for the 2010 title. Fulfilling her teacher’s and family’s expectations, Talia’s passion for flamenco is revealed throughout the film. A fine-cut of THE RED AND BLUE SHOES previewed at the Lobero Theatre on July 23, 2014.

BEGINNING with a flirtatious Rumba or Alegrias, the dancers eventually learn to embrace the spirit of flamenco with deeper cantes (songs) accompanied by professional guitarists and cantaores (singers) enabling them to discover the more emotional qualities of the Guajiras and Siguiriyas.

LA MARIPOSA BLANCA “The White Butterfly” Leading the Children’s Parade, eleven year old Anais is carrying on a strong family tradition by winning the coveted Jr. Spirit of Fiesta title just as her mother did 40 years earlier. Will Anais be passing the sash to her friend and Jr. Spirit runner-up Jesalyn?

EVER PRESENT throughout the film are the community values that shine brightly through the dancers, their families and a network of talented flamenco choreographers: Linda Vega, Maria Bermudez, Paloma Ríos, Pamela Lourant and Timo Nuñez collaborating with musicians in the varying traditions of flamenco to make the weeklong Fiesta celebration come alive every summer in the city of Santa Barbara.

EN LA NOCHE DE LA LUNA LLENA “On the Night of the Full Moon” Performing a flawless Bulerias on her third and final tryout, Jesalyn’s dreams are shattered by an Old Spanish Days committee decision to allow two over-aged 12 year olds to compete. What ensues is a heart warming story of an outraged dance community and how the girls work it out.

EXPERIENCE the rehearsals, the solo and group performances, stroll along with the dancers from gardens to courtyards to plazas and paseos reminiscent of the city culminating in La Fiesta Pequeña, an unforgettable evening on the steps of Old Santa Barbara Mission.