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Audio/Video Seminars – Production and Post

No Summer Vacation…

July 9th, with only 10 days left before the Romería de Verano, there will be no summer vacation for the kids, the parents, the seamstresses, Linda and us filmmakers. Everyone is working really hard getting ready for this performance.

We’ve been at the studio shooting everything from rehearsals to dress fittings and now have a good taste of what it’s like to prepare for Fiesta (our log sheet is about 2 miles long)!

The Jesusita Fire

A quick photo taken from our Studio on Thursday afternoon.
Sundowner winds again started pushing the flames toward more populated areas of the city.
With the mandatory evacuation area only 8 blocks away, except for the laptops we’re editing on, we are packed and ready to evacuate.
Linda canceled all her classes and all of Santa Barbara is at a stand still.


Santa Barbara Historical Museum

Today we met with Michael Redmon, Director of Research for Gledhill Library at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum.
Michael showed us around and we discussed how we might portray different aspects of Fiesta historical in our film.