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Celebrating Summer Solstice

The Linda Vega Dance Studio performed Friday night at the opening of the Santa Barbara Solstice Celebration with percussive foot work on the raised wooden floor of the historic Gazebo at Alameda Park.

Just before their performance, Linda and all the girls gathered for a final dress rehearsal at the Studio.

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All Dressed Up!

Thank you Olivia, Talia and Anais. Wether you’re dancing in the Studio, performing on stage or just talking on camera, we’ve enjoyed every minute filming you. It’s like Linda says, you’re all winners!

Watch an extract from our Jr. Spirits’ interview in the Comandancia Museum Room at the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation, all dressed up and on their way to their Fiesta Audition Interviews with El Presidente Anthony Borgatello.

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Two Weeks Before Auditions

It’s Friday night with two weeks left and the music’s been submitted. “It’s fast,” said Linda, “and we can’t slow it down.”
“Take it from the top – you’re looking good Talia – we need to work on those turns and I want to see that big movie star smile” – olé!

Her friend Avery, sister Tatum and brother Ty were watching Talia’s full dance for the first time.

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Our First Shoot at the Studio

A rehearsal for a private party with Linda (palmas), Antonio (tocaor), Vicente (cantaor) and Michaela (bailaora).

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