Daily Archives: June 1, 2009

The Martinete Mission Dance – Take 2

While working with this group of 7 very talented dancers, Linda drafted and submitted her Mission Dance statement to the Old Spanish Days committee.

Linda’s 2009 Mission Dance Statement:

As homage to this year’s theme, “Tribute to Tradition”, the Linda Vega Dance Studio presents “Martinete”, a form of the traditional Siguiriyas, one of the oldest forms of Flamenco. Siguiriyas is a base ‘cante’ (song) from which many other forms of Flamenco were born. The words deal with basic issues of life: love, jealousy, wrath, loneliness and death, but the song brings joy and hope. As the gypsies sang of their oppression, they rejoiced and found relief through their music. Today we choose to dance it with a bright mood, celebrating the beauty and joy of life in our amazing city.

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Manolo Reyes – Take 1

Right after Talia’s private we filmed Linda choreographing the Manolo Reyes Group dance with Avery, Jocelyn, Olivia, Talia and Terra.

Another beautiful dance where 5 young girlfriends, with baskets full of produce, meet at the market to sell their goods.